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The Four Types of Clutter

Per the Sydney Morning Herald...

Emotional clutter has sentimental meaning but little financial value. It could include children’s toys or drawings, unused or unwanted gifts, school or university notes, or the personal possessions of absent loved ones.

Just-in-case clutter has little or no sentimental value but since it “might come in handy one day” it is kept for some time. Examples include old bills or bank statements, tools or stationery.

Bargain clutter is free or very cheap items acquired at sales, from friends or family or “by the side of the road”. Certain personality types tend to be especially attracted to bargain clutter.

Bought clutter consists of impulse purchases that never end up being used. It commonly includes clothes, fashion accessories and electronic items and is strongly linked to wasteful consumption.

I'm posting this primarily so I have it to refer back to as I continue my quest to remove clutter from my home (bargain clutter, bought clutter, maybe a smidge of just-in-case clutter) and items I have in storage (emotional clutter).

I'm on another round of purging the household, listing things for free on Craigslist, etc. My goal is for my next move (October) to be extremely quick and simple.

Over the weekend I cleared my cupboards of an appalling amount of expired canned and dried foods. I think I may have inherited my grandmother's depression-era mentality that I have to have things in reserve because I might not be able to afford it later. That's definitely a habit I need to break. I was utterly disgusted by the amount of food I threw away. Never mind the expense of it, but had I done this earlier it could have been donated to a food bank and actually helped someone.
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(Creative) Thieves!

Someone on Flickr just gave me a heads up that they saw one of my photos on eBay. A little hunting around revealed this item, complete with my picture of Cecile!

The photo is Creative Commons - Attribute, but the punks put their own watermark on it and didn't give me credit.


I've e-mailed the seller and told them to either remove the photo or properly give me credit. We'll see what happens.

Update: This was very cordially resolved. The seller immediately removed my photo when I made her aware of the violation.
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The jerks who stiffed me on my unused vacation and severance pay after laying me off just issued a press release that their revenues jumped 50% in 2007 to "hit its highest annual revenue in the company's 11-year history."

I wish there was something I could do about it, other than be pissed off.
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I just peeled an orange -- very clearly an orange -- that had pink flesh that tasted like grapefruit.

I'm afraid.
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Friday's Nantucket Factoid

"According to the 2000 census, Nantucket was Massachusetts' fastest growing county."

In other news, I have boots! For the first time since I was probably five I managed to find a pair of winter-ish boots that are wide enough for my feet (size 9, width EEEEEE).

I'm so excited it's just plain stupid.
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Thursday's Nantucket Factoid

"The Nantucket flag is called a burgee, a distinctively-shaped flag normally used on ships."

In other news, Diet Pepsi Max tastes like ass. I have no idea what they did to change the formulation, but I don't like. No sir, not one bit.

Update: It's ginseng. Blech.
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It's Funny-ha-ha not Funny-uh-oh

This morning a new IAESTE intern arrived at our office from Croatia. New interns are a pretty common thing around here so despite the fact that we weren't expecting him we put him right to work on one of our projects. (We're currently hosting interns from Slovakia, Poland, India, Sweden, and Switzerland.)

An hour and a half passes and I start thinking, "Croatia? I don't think we got a Croatian intern this year..."

So I go check with the back office. Sure 'nuff the Bobmeister agrees, "I don't remember a Croatian intern..."

So I go call the IAESTE organization. Turns out the intern is at the wrong worksite.


That didn't stop us from putting his butt to work though, did it? :-)

He's now happily off to his position at The U. It was nice while it lasted! I think that 90-minutes is officially the shortest internship we've ever offered.
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